Tucker’s Point Junior Golf Program 2021-22

Stage 4 ‘Masters’ (ages 13 +)


On course instruction is paramount at this stage as we gear juniors up to compete. Rules knowledge will be taught and etiquette be completed. Shot selection and course management are introduced and Juniors are encouraged to come to supervised practice sessions on the weekends. 


Term Dates

Summer Term – April 18th – June 13th ( 9 weeks)


Cancellation Policy:

* There will be no refunds once payment is made.

* Juniors may swap days and times based on availability in other classes

* If a junior misses a class, they are permitted to join any other class that week in his/her age group.

* There will be a total of two weeks to make up for cancelled sessions, at the end of each term.


Registration Includes:

* 30 minute clinics
* Equipment in clinics
* One golf shirt per year
* Special discount on junior golf clubs
* 15% on junior apparel in the golf shop
* 10% on junior golf camps
* No entry fee to junior tournements
* One free 30 minute private lesson per term

$745 Winter Term
$695 Spring/Summer


Junior golf - stage 4
Stage 4 - "Masters” (13+) *
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