So Close But So Far From the Everyday

Bermuda is a land of luxury, affluence and surprising proximity. Where scooters and electric Renault Twizys are the preferred modes of transportation, leaving more room on the roads for island exploration. Tucker’s Point—Bermuda’s only true master-planned resort destination—is just 2 hours from New York City, a short 2- to 3-hour flight from most East Coast travel hubs and a 7-hour flight from London. It’s quicker and more convenient to fly here from Manhattan than to drive to the Hamptons. Not to mention more rewarding.

With a unique melting-pot culture that exudes British sophistication, a subtropical climate perfect for all-season escape, plus famed pink beaches, friendly locals and first-class wonders for all interests, Bermuda is back on the map for new generations. Tucker’s Point is the best way to enjoy all of it.

Bermuda Fun Facts

Bermuda is the oldest remaining British Overseas Territory.

The island is 21 square miles long and lies in the North Atlantic Ocean. (Hint: it’s not a Caribbean Island.)

The nearest land is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, at only 570 miles away.

The shallow reefs that encircle this tiny archipelago are studded with over 500 shipwrecks (more per square mile than anywhere else) dating from the 1500s to 1990s.

Bermuda consists of about 150 islands, but only 20 are inhabited.

The islands were formed by volcanic rock topped by coral formations, leaving behind breathtaking caves (including Church Cave at Tucker’s Point) that can be viewed nearby.